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All About Nano (aka Nano-Emulsification)

Ever wondered what nano, nano-emulsified, or water-soluble actually means?

It's an amazing process that results in the most bioavailable and potent forms of cannabis!

What is water-soluble, nano, or nano-emulsification?

Nano emulsification involves the use of ultrasonic waves to put intense pressure on cannabis particles from hemp so that they are able to be infused with water.

Because the particles are so small, they can cross the blood-brain barrier easily while retaining potency. Meaning: your body absorbs it better and faster than any other product.

For example, with oil-based cannabis products, you only receive 10-25% of the intended dose. But with nano-emulsified products, you receive 80-85% of the dose!

Which Honeysuckle products use nano emulsification?

ALL of our Honeysuckle NECTAR products use nano-emulsification technology! Nectar mixes with any water-based beverage and makes its way into our system in 10-15 minutes tops.

If you want to experience nano magic and its amazing benefits, elevate your next happy hour with any of our nano products!

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