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HoneySuckle Brand's Favorite Moms who use Cannabis

In honor of Mother's Day 2023, we are celebrating our favorite moms who use cannabis (in no particular order). As cannabis becomes increasingly common, many mothers are discovering the benefits of using this plant for medical, recreational, or spiritual purposes. Unfortunately, there is still a lingering stigma that suggests moms who use cannabis are automatically unfit to parent. This simply isn't true and the moms below will tell you how they responsibly consume cannabis and how cannabis actually makes them a better parent. 


1. Adrienne - Stonerwithbooks 

My name is Adrienne, mom of two. I have been using cannabis for about four years now. I mostly consume at night, after a stressful day. I also consume to help with my intrusive thoughts and bring my mind present to the moment.

My biggest stigma that I have faced as a mother, is some people believe I am lazy, or so “high” that I can’t possibly focus on my kids. But it’s the opposite - I am prepared for my kids and their rowdiness (laughing) and it calm my anxiety of just being a mother.

I think as mothers have so much to face and do, and even fear. Cannabis takes those thoughts and gives me joy and peace. To only focus on my family, and life.

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2. Nyzaiah - Highipsy

As a mother, I have been through a lot. I had my first child at 17, and then my second at 23. I am a tomboy at heart and a proud mom-preneur. I was blessed enough to be able to stay home with my boys for the first five years of their lives, which allowed me to homeschool them and enjoy those important early years. However, I always put a lot of pressure on myself to be the best mom possible, which was overwhelming and caused a lot of stress for me personally and for my family. When my husband was deployed, I started suffering from bipolar depression and even attempted suicide. My sister introduced me to cannabis and microdosing edibles and then things started getting better.

One of the biggest challenges for me as a mother who uses cannabis is hiding it from my children. I didn't like lying to or hiding things from them so I eventually sat down and educated them about it.

My advice to other moms is to not be ashamed of choosing a holistic approach to your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. I balance my cannabis use with my parenting responsibilities by choosing strains that complement my routine and being open with my boys when I need a break. Cannabis has enhanced my life as a mother by helping me deal with my mental health, take a moment of silence to reflect, and come back to my boys as a better version of myself. 

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3. Nikita - Prettyrolls420

My name is Nikita Seal and I am a mom of twins, a boy and a girl. I'm also a serial entrepreneur and a veteran of the Air Force, having served in countries like Iraq and Korea.

One challenge I have faced is criticism from family members who question my ability to parent properly due to my cannabis use. However, I believe in moderation and taking tolerance breaks to cope without using anything. I recommend yoga and daily meditation to help keep your mind focused. To balance my use with my parenting responsibilities, I know which strains work best for certain moods or energy levels needed for specific tasks. Cannabis has helped me become a calmer mother, and I love breaking stigmas by showing the world that cannabis users can be classy, successful, and productive. I proudly smoke my Pretty Roll after a long productive day. 

Pretty Rolls, cannabis mom


4. Sam -

I always dreamed of having a family, but being a single mother hasn't been the easiest. Despite these challenges, I am grateful for the cannabis community and the other mothers who have supported me through my journey. I want to create a safe environment for my daughter, both physically and emotionally, and that means taking care of myself too. I know my journey may look different from others, but I hope that by sharing my experiences, I can encourage and inspire others.

Unfortunately, the stigma surrounding cannabis use has caused some judgment and criticism from those who don't understand. While most of my family is supportive, I still worry about being seen as an unfit mother. I'm aware that I'm fortunate to not face worse consequences, like being reported or removed, due to this stigma and discrimination. That's why my advice for other moms is to be kind to yourself, make space for your own needs, and seek support from trusted friends.

Balancing cannabis use with parenting responsibilities can be tricky, but I find that taking tolerance breaks, practicing mindfulness, and doing yoga helps me cope with my PTSD and anxiety. Cannabis has helped me in moments when I feel overwhelmed, and it has also kept me away from alcohol, which I needed to do for my mental health. Despite the judgment I've faced, cannabis has enhanced my life as a mother in many ways.

In the end, I believe that cannabis isn't for everyone, but it can be a valuable tool for some. We should all be able to make our own choices and not face discrimination for our personal choices.


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